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This blog is just a bit damn girly. Can’t help it people, I like hanging lillies from the chandelier and wearing an apron with a decorative hand stitched pocket quite openly on the sidewalk. My son wears flowers behind his ears for heaven’s sake. But, in case you need a little bit of masculine heat in your realm of the decorous and the feminine here is an image of Jon Spencer in skin tight rubber pants belting out his blues groove. I wore bare legs and thirty five dollar charity shop boots to his gig in Sydney on Wednesday night and twenty years on this band still doth rocketh. They are experimental, sensuous, cock sure, brash, amusing and yes, I am going to use this word: GROOVY. Live music is the best money you will ever spend because you are ringside to a moment that will never come again. It’s transient, electric, collective and hot. Sydney is experiencing something of a live music renaissance right now after several abject years of dance parties, chill out and hideous global lounge trends. All generations seek the rock and the music journalism is of a high standard. Having left my favorite haunt in the world (The Bowery Ballroom) behind for a few more months I am proud to say that this city (for all it’s fake tan and sad silly silk cocktail dresses) and has got back the grit.


A few days ago I bought myself a dress for Christmas. It was on sale. Because retail is for sissies. But it was ill timed. How could I buy a chiffon dress on a day when the floods were hitting so hard and so many Australians were losing their lives, homes and farms in Queensland? When my son gets something new we always give something away. I did the same thing the day I bought my Marie Antoinette dress and immediately arranged a charity fund donation artwork with my design partner Maree Oaten, at Little Branch. We are a really small company. There is no staff, there isn’t an awful lot of stock (yet) but we have somewhere to sleep tonight.  My sister in law’s mum escaped the floods in Toowoomba with twenty minutes to spare. There isn’t a moment in my day when I am not thinking about what is going on up there. If you feel moved to help you can donate directly at or buy a flood charity print at www.little