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How glamorous is this? A two page spread in the gossip and fashion bile of the southern hemisphere. I am not famous. But damn I feel like it today. Thanks Susie Burge and all the hot chicks in editorial at ACP.


Five-star style on a one-star budget!  |  LifeStyle YOU.

J’adore REAL LIVING for keeping it real, making aspirational decor easy and, yeah baby, featuring Savvy Chic on their editor’s letter page. I will set up an artwork offer through the magazine soon (if they’ll have me) and in the meantime, huge enormous big fat thank you.

Save the date Sydneysiders, Ariel Booksellers Paddington ( are proposing a launch and event for Savvy Chic including an exhibit of original artwork, new Little Branch designs ( and loads of exciting creative fabulousness at the best bookstore in town. This was the shop I used to visit late at night on a Saturday when I was new to town and kind of lonely. I always met cool people and got turned on by the art books, cards and papers. Brainy, tasteful and hip. That’s Ariel.

Hapers Bazaar Australia, April 2010

The New York Daily News ran a two page spread on budget bargainista travel this week, excerpted from Savvy Chic. These days travelling with a five year old in tow I have a little heavier hand luggage and a little less liberty, so I tend to take short trips with intense (but brief) pleasures in mind. I choose outdoorsy setting like my friend (and artists) Luke Sciberras’ cottage in Hill End, NSW (an artist colony with absolutely zero tourist damage and heavy bohemian cred) or I train it up to Hudson, New York to see my painter friend Wendy Frost and drink a single glass of Prosecco at the Red Dot before tramping up the main drag to look at antiques. My son Marcello loves the train journey and staying with friends saves money for a good bottle of Rioja as a hostess gift and some toy budget for the boy. The most portable and least expensive diversion for a kid on a train, plane or backseat of an automobile is a sticker book. Old fashioned and a bit sweeter than a portable DVD player. I tried to break my son into travel early. When he was one and a half I took him to Martha’s Vineyard and we slept in a  caravan, hitch-hiked and snuck onto private beaches. When he was three we hit Hawaii and snuck into the pool at the beach front Moana Surfrider hotel. Once installed by the pool with fries and a mocktail no one asked any questions. This year I want to take him apple picking in New Zealand but on days with less money we jump a Sydney ferry or an Amtrak train, bound for anywhere where the view out the wind is full of shifts, contrasts and nature. In two weeks we will be back in New York City and the subway will feel incredibly exotic and Central Park Zoo will be like a scene in Madacascar come to life. If i have a juice box, a bag of popcorn and his beloved sticker books…then we’re ready!

Read the article here: NYDN 10-31