This Monday when Grazia magazine, Australia, feature a two page excerpt from Savvy Chic they chose the chapter  that is closest to my heart: QUEEN OF THE FLEAS. On my recent jaunt to New York I confess to visiting  the 26th street flea markets three times and obsessing over a pair of 19th century French enameled candle stick holders. On the third round, on a bone chilling morning of arctic frost, I pounced and bought them. The great thing about the fleas is the education you get with every find. I never knew that enamel production also known as Cloisonne went out of vogue in France for objet because of the prohibitive cost of creating each layer. So, the candlesticks in 1887 might have cost close to what I paid for them, give or take a little inflation. I wrapped them in two football socks and packed them carefully next to my American nineteenth century tea cup (yes I have a problem) and my 1940s pale blue satin rayon and lace twenty dollar nightgown. Leaving the fleas I am carrying recycled plastic bags, stuffed with old newspaper. I feel slightly vagrant. And I have hauled away unbelievable treasures. Old habits die hard.